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Vinyl: Glass Bottom Boat "Definitive: A Year In The Nebula-Spring"

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Image of Vinyl: Glass Bottom Boat "Definitive: A Year In The Nebula-Spring"

Glass Bottom Boat is a duo consisting of long-time hip hop collaborators, Tone Dogg Raw and Cal-S-thetics. They are proud to announce the release of their next project, an album titled "Definitive: A Year In The Nebula - Spring." Braiding the seasonal concept of Renewal and Growth, Tone and Cal pick up from where they left off on "The Temple," their last album created a surprisingly long 12 years ago. The duo Revolt against the past in this Rebirth of their creative partnership. Exploring contemporary ideas, they craft each song with prodigious songwriting. With the help of producers Duke Westlake, Jeepz, EQ - Out the Ashtray of LA, Cal-S-Thetics, Kev Brown, Sumthin Gunny and Pos-Tone, as well as assistance with features by Dy Cy and DJ Handprints, Glass Bottom Boat continue to explore their unique artistic storytelling with this project, which acts as a resurgence while also paying respect and showing Appreciation for the beauty of creation.